What is MeMa

MeMa is a new, highly personalised unit of measurement with a very simple definition:
one MeMa is equal to the length of your mobile phone.
From the above definition it is obvious that MeMa has revolutionary properties that make it not only very different from other physical units, but thanks to which other standard physical units can never get at. The striking feature of the MeMa unit is its high personalisation. We live in a time when no one wants to fuse with the crowd, but on the contrary, each of us wants something different, to have one's own style and to be unique. So why not to have your own unit of length, your MeMa :-).
is flexible
Following the trends and characteristics of the present time we even think that MeMa is likely to replace the meter as the basic unit for measuring distances in the SI system. It has got all the potential. After all, who is today interested in the distance which light in vacuum travels during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second? In contrast, the dimensions of phones characterize the period in which we live and MeMa becomes a flexible measurement unit that can adapt to new conditions.
has MeMa
Another plus in the future introduction of MeMa which will be appreciated not only by the general public but also by several researchers is that we won't need to deal with accurate definition of dimensions of a rod stored somewhere in the Paris archives. Simply, everyone carries MeMa. Moreover, we won't be any more bound by social conventions which expect that each unit of measurement carrying one name must be of the same size.

Although we can talk much more about the uniqueness of the MeMa unit (further interesting information is available in the section The Path to MeMa), the practical experience is more than all the words. The Measure Machine application with which you can access the innovative MeMa unit is easily accessible and you can download it here.