How to use Measure Machine

The measurement procedure with the Measure Machine app is as follows:


Hot to use Measure Machine

On the object to be measured chose a point where you will start measuring.
Press "Start measuring" button. In next 3 seconds put the bottom edge of the phone on the chosen point.
Gradually, turn the phone over the top and bottom edges along the object that you want to measure.
The final length of the object is equal to the number of the phone flip-overs and is expressed in the MeMa measurement unit.

The measurement result will be displayed in the new MeMa unit. Before you get used to it, the application offers the possibility to convert the MeMa unit into a standard length unit. We presume that the converter will become
superfluous in the future.

The converter is part of the application as a reminiscent of the classic measurement unit. It is used to convert the MeMa unit into meters and inches by which we want to accommodate all those who, for various reasons, decided not to completely remove the classic meter from the memory and from time to time want to use it.